A Bold Plan for America

My goal is to educate our citizens about the biggest issues that we face and to encourage our leaders to make decisions that are in the best long-term interest of the United States.

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Our political leaders today lack any specific plan to overcome our Nation’s greatest challenges. I believe that we deserve better, and in order to have better elected officials, we need to educate ourselves on the facts. My plan takes on our 14 biggest challenges and provides nonpartisan solutions based on the facts.


The importance of an informed citizenship has never been higher than in today’s environment of misinformation. In this book, I’ve broken down America’s 14 biggest problems and provided nonpartisan, fact-based solutions on how we can solve them.

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About John Burke

John Burke is not a career politician, but he is a proud American concerned about the direction of our country and ready to make a difference. He is also a father, husband, leader, CEO, advocate, and someone who passionately wants to see a much better America for all.