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The Debate Scorecard: Evaluating Presidential Candidates

Millions of Americans will watch the debate on Thursday, June 27 between former President Donald Trump and current President Joseph Biden. How do you know who won if you haven’t kept score?

To Stop Climate Change, All Americans Need to Get Involved

A major problem that we have as a nation is our inability to deal with the big issues. Our leadership has failed us by not confronting critical challenges like climate change; our $34 trillion national debt

It’s Time to Change the Health-Care Play

A good friend once said to me, “If you put a bunch of smart people in a room with all the facts up on a board, 90% of the time they will come up with the same solutions

I have ONE simple question.

While sportscasters like to review the “10 Plays of the Day,” historians like to rate Presidents. In 2021, C-SPAN had 142 observers of the Presidency rank the U.S. Presidents.

5 Key Campaign Issues of the 2024 Election

As we head into the heart of the 2024 campaign, I believe that these are five of the top campaign issues that should be discussed.

How Can We Become Better U.S. Citizens

I am a concerned citizen. I love the United States, and it tears me apart to see the decline of our country.

A Bold Plan For America

The importance of an informed citizenship has never been higher than in today’s environment of misinformation. In this book, I’ve broken down America’s 14 biggest problems and provided nonpartisan, fact-based solutions on how we can solve them.

A Bold Plan For America Book