Reduce Gun Deaths in America

Reduce Gun Deaths in America

This is an urgent call for change! Gun violence is having a devastating impact on American society. In this episode, Burke argues that the U.S. must address this crisis to save lives and reduce its massive economic toll. Key points include: The staggering human and financial costs of gun violence: 45,000 deaths and $557 billion… Read More »

Administer a Responsible Foreign Policy

How can the U.S. can maintain global leadership while addressing its national debt through smarter foreign policy and defense priorities? In this episode, Burke explores this topic and proposes: Streamlining the military-industrial complex to cut $200 billion annually from defense spending Expanding soft power initiatives like the Peace Corps Using military intervention judiciously Setting a… Read More »

Debate Aftermath: Where Does America Go From Here?

In an emergency podcast going into the 4th of July weekend, JB discusses the debate, where America goes from here, and more: • Debate recap, winners, losers, and thoughts• Should Biden step down, and what should the Democrats do?• What should the Republican Party do? To download your free copy of A Bold Plan for… Read More »

Right-Size Defense Spending

America needs to drastically rein in defense spending to tackle the $33 trillion national debt. In this episode, Burke proposes a “simplification plan” to streamline the bloated military-industrial complex, close redundant global bases, and scale back nuclear arsenal costs. Burke argues that the U.S. can increase capabilities while slashing the current $800 billion defense budget… Read More »

Reform Congress

In this episode, Burke shines a light on the corroding influence of money in congressional campaigns and lobbying efforts. He argues for sweeping reforms, including eliminating the Senate filibuster, ending partisan gerrymandering, canceling congressional pensions, and imposing term limits via a constitutional amendment. He advocates giving the president line-item veto power as a fiscal check… Read More »

Save Social Security and Expand It!

From eliminating the income cap on Social Security taxes to advocating for higher standards in disability programs, Burke offers straightforward solutions to ensure fairness and sustainability. He also introduces the “Every Kid Has a Chance” program, aimed at reducing childhood poverty, and suggests federal intervention to transform struggling public schools into high-performing institutions. Through informed… Read More »

Rebuild America

Despite being one of the wealthiest nations, the United States' transportation system is graded at a C- (by The American Society of Civil Engineers), with 11 categories receiving a D, including our roads. In this episode, John Burke proposes a straightforward solution: raise the gas tax by a dollar. This would not only fund infrastructure… Read More »

Fix the Health-Care System

John Burke dives into the pressing issue of healthcare reform, stressing the profound impact of individual well-being on the nation's health. Referencing medical doctor William Mayo, Burke underscores the necessity of prioritizing every citizen's health. Despite the substantial healthcare expenditure in the United States, the country is nearly dead last in global health rankings of… Read More »

Reduce the Risk of Nuclear War

In a world where nuclear arsenals loom large and the Doomsday Clock ticks closer to midnight, Burke explores the urgent need to reduce the risk of nuclear war. Drawing on insights from global leaders and military experts, Burke outlines bold solutions, from immediate reductions in deployed weapons to advocating for a nuclear-free world by 2028.… Read More »